A Different Page CD


Reflective songs with pop, jazz and classical influences and full instrumentation, performed and arranged by Adam Levin with Wendy Boulding (and Danny Obadia on So Alive).  Produced by Adam Levin and engineered by Jay Mark.  Written by Adam Levin, with collaborative material by Wendy Boulding, Elena Rye Pellicciaro, Anne Ptasznik and Peter Stoller (except Midtown Meditation by Wendy Boulding).  54 min.  “His music has the rare ability to appeal to not only musicians seeking cerebral stimulation, but also innocent ears in search of a beautiful, memorable melody.” -- Tricia Tahara, Vocalist/Songwriter, Savant (Highnote) Jazz Recording Artist   [MORE CD INFO & NEWS]   [CRITIQUES]   [ORDER]


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All recordings 1997-2006 Different Drum Music
All rights reserved (ASCAP)

Midtown Meditation
Guardian Angel
Say It
A Place In My Heart (If You Don't Know by Now)
Do You Feel It?
Land of the Free
Forever (But Never) By My Side
So Alive
Dance Steps
As Young as I'm Old (instrumental version)
In My Heart
A Different Page
Open Window

Inspired by the 2004 presidential election, Land of the Free was performed with Wendy Boulding at the Department of Peace Campaign's New York City rallies in 2005.  It also foreshadowed the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Wendy Boulding's lyrics and melody for Adam Levin's music in So Alive were written during -- and inspired by -- the New York City Marathon.

As Young as I'm Old was originally conceived as a musical tribute to Gentle Giant (and includes two brief quotes from their song Memories of Old Days.)  A vocal rendition is featured on the 2006 artists' compilation CD Giant for Another Hour as well as the CD Blissful Behemoth (also on this site).



Background music: excerpts from Do You Feel It? and So Alive