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For a more accurate representation of these performances' sound & instrumentation
as heard over a full sound system, listen to the audio samples with a headset.

All recordings  2002- 2017 Different Drum Music
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Originals     Covers  
Emily (Levin)   Beatles: In My Life
Finding a Way Back Home  (Levin)     Lady Madonna
In Your Eyes (Levin)     Penny Lane  [#2]
Jericho (Levin-Stoller)     She's Leaving Home
Still (Levin)   Peter Gabriel: Don't Give Up
Too Far (Levin-Stoller)     Family Snapshot
Waiting for Me (Hettmansberger-Levin)     Wallflower
Walls Start Falling (Levin-Stoller)   Genesis: A Trick of the Tail
Words on the Wall (Levin)     Afterglow
      Burning Rope
      One for the Vine
    Gentle Giant: Memories of Old Days
    Elton John: Someone Saved My Life Tonight
    Todd Rundgren: Hello It's Me
    Brian Wilson (Beach Boys): God Only Knows





If two is company, these performers prove that three is hardly a crowd.  III combines the divergent talents of singer-songwriter-keyboardists Brenda Hettmansberger, Wendy Boulding and Adam Levin.  Brenda's background of musical theater and acting, Wendy's roots in pop, R&B, jazz and classical, and Adam's work with fusion and progressive rock makes for more interesting than strange bedfellows.  Along with III's eclectic original music, their impeccable covers of songs like She's Leaving Home, Lady Madonna, Penny Lane, In My Life, God Only Knows, and songs by Todd Rundgren, Peter Gabriel, Genesis and Gentle Giant have become staples of their shows.
-- Garden Stage


"Brenda's singing was the highlight of my weekend!... brilliant entertainment... amazing, thoughtful, intelligent, heartfelt renditions of these majestic songs that drip with the love you bring to them! Such an honor to bask in your generous sharing of your talents and you know when it comes to you guys, the three of you, I mean it!"

 -- Audience member