"Can accessible music be intelligent?  And intelligent music passionate?  Adam Levin and Wendy Boulding try to
answer that question with their music.  Wendy from the world of American soul and jazz, Adam from the less straightforward
world of European ("progressive") art rock, or jazz- and classical-rock fusion.  What happens when you combine it all?"

                    Welcome to the world of Different Drum Music.  Our music ranges from pop to contemporary classical -- with some other, wayward elements sneaked in!
                    To hear that span of music, click on our audio samples page.  And to access our contrasting CDs/DVD, click on the catalog page, or the covers below.

Album cover

Definitive compilation of divergent songs & instrumentals
“…elegant….heartfelt….rich and beautiful...…”
-- Nikki Squire, Singer/Songwriter


Original progressive rock songs and instrumentals
and parodies of classic prog rock

“…thoroughly enjoyable... awesome and honorable...
and the lyrics are hilarious!”  

-- Members of On-Reflection


Newer songs with pop, jazz & classical influences
“…rare ability to appeal to not only musicians seeking
cerebral stimulation, but also innocent ears…”

--  Tricia Tahara, Savant (Highnote) Jazz Recording Artist



 "Unplugged" jazz-classical instrumentals
“…a sophisticated and contemporary writer...…”
-- Kirk Nurock, Jazz/Classical Koch Recording Artist

Eclectic, richly produced retrospective with various musicians
“…exceptional talent and perception…”  
-- Charles M. Young, Executive Editor, Musician Magazine



Intimate & stirring concert performances,
ranging from lush to bare bones!


Performance videos

“Truly enjoyable….serious musical talent….haunting intrigue…”
-- Alan Schlein, Journalist, Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine  


                    This website also includes information on Adam Levin, Wendy Boulding and related projects, as well as engineer Jay Mark and live performances.

                    We hope you enjoy the site as well as the music.  And thanks for your interest!

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 "The purpose of art is to demonstrate that which in argument would appear incomprehensible."   
-- Leo Tolstoy

"I love music passionately. And because I love it I try to free it from barren traditions that stifle it."
-- Claude Debussy

Background music: excerpt from backing tracks of While Sunlight Slipped Away (BLISSFUL BEHEMOTH CD)